Champions of Celeste

The Adventure so far

Our adventurers began their journey with humble origins: they became citizens of the great nation of Celeste. After this moment, though, fate decided to play its hand. Moments after leaving the citizenship hall, a message was played throughout the city, announcing the start of a great competition to become the true Champions of Celeste. Our party decided that this was exactly what they had dreamed of becoming in their lives, so they set off to make a name for themselves.

The group first decided to announce their coming by solving the mystery of a sunken airship out in the bay. They went to the docks, but could not find a single person who would give them a ship, so they tricked the dock master’s son into giving them the activation stone to an elementally powered ship called the Sunrise, which was owned by Advisor Romeran, one of the government officials of the city. They then proceeded to take this ship, newly named the SS. Not Stolen, and head out into open water, where they were attacked by an aquatic Stormclaw Scorpion. After dispatching their foe, and setting it on ice to sell back at the city as fine food, they headed out and found the shipwreck of the fallen airship. Inside they heard a band of bandits looting the ship, but decided to let them finish this job before attacking. They let the ruffians boat go out to sea, and then killed each of the men as they came out of the boat. This angered the men’s captain when he came sailing in, but his anger was short lived, as another airship, the Squall, flew overhead. While the pirate’s attention was directed toward bringing down the airship, the party handily dispatched his crew, saving the Squall and earning their respect. This feat also gave the group entry into the Champion Competition.

Upon returning to Celeste, the party was forced to face the consequences of their actions. They were arrested for the theft of Romeran’s ship, and brought off to Last Dock, a prison island in the western end of the bay. There they met Lance, an ex-Elite Guard of Celeste who says that he was wrongfully imprisoned. He hatched a plan to escape, which proved unnecessary, as the party managed to get off the hook in their trial. That didn’t stop Lance, though, who started a prison riot in order to escape the island. His whereabouts are now unknown.

After their close encounter with prison bars, the part took the Champion Challenges. This series of six challenges worked not only their bodies but their minds. In the end, they succeeded with only minimal losses (the wheelchair-bound warlord was, unfortunately, lost to the sea during a terrible tightrope accident).

Now our would-be champions have to make it through the harrowing Champion Tournament, where they will fight with the best of the best of Celeste. Do they have what it takes to succeed? Only time will tell.

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